Pre-school Room

Welcome to the Preschool Room at Guilden Sutton Day Nursery, where children aged 3-4 years embark on an exciting journey, preparing for their next educational step.

3-4 years

Our Pre-school Room

Our dynamic Preschool fosters school readiness, independence, and a love for learning. Dedicated to preparing for school transition, our curriculum focuses on literacy, numeracy, and social development, providing a strong academic foundation.

Our preschool room is a hub for fostering independence and life skills, encouraging children to manage self help tasks and make choices.

We integrate engaging phonics and early numeracy, balancing traditional and age appropriate technology experiences to enrich your child's development.

Our Approach

Our Approach

With a child-led learning approach, we cultivate curiosity and enthusiasm by allowing each child to explore unique interests.

Respecting each child's voice, our team incorporates their ideas into the learning experience, ensuring active engagement and respect for individuality.

Play is at the heart of our philosophy, promoting cognitive, social, and emotional development. Guilden Sutton Day Nursery is where your child thrives academically, socially, and emotionally.

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