Our Facilities

Our purpose built childcare facility in Chester has been developed to ensure your child's needs are catered for, with an emphasis placed on their safety, development and nutrition.

Facilities & Play Rooms

Focussed on safety, development and nutrition

Guilden Sutton Day Nursery Chester is an all inclusive day nursery, catering for babies aged from 3 months right through to pre-schoolers aged 4/5 years.

Our nursery is thoughtfully divided into three rooms: the Baby Room, Middle Room, and Preschool Room. Each room is tailored to meet the specific developmental needs of children within those age groups. This ensures that your child receives age-appropriate care, activities, and support as they progress through their early years.

We have onsite kitchen facilities, an ICT room, plus each room has their own outdoor area with an additional large garden and play space to the rear of the nursery, all protected by our first rate security systems.  

Activities are planned for all age groups with a combination of busy and quiet activities, indoor and outdoor play, both at the day care facility and out and about in the area.    



We believe that visits and outings play an important and enriching role in the programme of activities that we provide for children.

Day trips can be an important way to enhance the learning curriculum of young children and help them to understand the world around them. These excursions can include an outing to the local park, library or shops or may be a more major outing such as to a museum or a trip to the seaside.


At Guilden Sutton Day Nursery, we operate a facial recognition entry system which means that only persons entered into our database can gain access to our nursery. This means that no unauthorised person can enter our buildings, and so keeps your child safe.

We know how worrying it can be leaving your children with others and so we have gone above and beyond requirements set by Ofsted to ensure you are left at ease and worry free.

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