Middle Room

Welcome to our 2-3 Year old Middle room at Guilden Sutton Day Nursery, where we celebrate the boundless energy, curiosity, and emerging independence of your little ones in a specially designed space.

2–3 Years

Our Middle Room

Our Middle Room goal is to provide a nurturing and home-like environment, allowing each child to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.

We focus on fostering independence in our young learners, encouraging them to make choices, build self confidence, and develop essential life skills.

The Middle Room is carefully designed to be an enabling environment that inspires curiosity and creativity, featuring cosy reading corners and interactive learning spaces.

Textile play a crucial role in our approach to learning, offering tactile experiences with fabrics and sensory rich materials to enhance fine motor skills and creativity. Outdoor play is emphasised for physical and emotional well being, providing ample opportunities for exploration and social interaction.

Our Approach

Our daily activities, from arts and crafts to music and movement, aim to be both fun and educational, captivating children's interests and laying the foundation for future learning. We believe in child-led learning, tailoring activities to each child's unique interests and preferences.

Children develop at their own pace, and our experienced team celebrates these individual journeys, supporting each child's milestones. The curriculum is designed to help children acquire new skills, whether building with blocks, creating art, or mastering self help skills.

Our Approach
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