School club @ Mickle Trafford Primary School

Morning club

Children can arrive at the club in the term time any time after 8 am, and can play freely until 8.45 am, when it is time to go to their classes. The infant children are taken by a member of the team to their classes whilst the juniors are free to go and play in the playground until called to class.


Afternoon club

In the afternoon, the children are collected from their classes by a member of staff and go to our club room. On arrival, the children are encouraged to wash their hands, ready for a snack. The children then make their own choices about what they would like to do, whether it is to participate in an art activity, play outside, and play on the computers or just chill out with their friends, until their parents collect them by 6pm.



We were recently inspected by Ofsted where we were awarded a 'Good' in all areas. To read our report please click here.