Learning through play is more fun outside

No matter how good our indoor facilities are our outdoor area is key to the children's happiness.

Learning through play is simply more fun outside, so outdoor play is built into each morning and afternoon’s activities, unless the conditions are too severe to venture out.  Even if it's chilly and rainy we make sure everyone is dressed appropriately and go out and make the most of it. The children love it!

Our outside area has been specially landscaped to create a safe and fun environment for the children to learn and play in.  The outdoor area has all kinds of play equipment for the children to freely access, such as balls, beanbags, hoops, creative play equipment and much more.

We also encourage the children to get involved with planting flowers and vegetables and with keeping the garden tidy and presentable. The children learn about recycling and are taught why we recycle and the benefits for our environment.