Some frequently asked questions ahead of wider opening June and July 2020

Some frequently asked questions ahead of all children returning, September 2020

Social Distancing

Drop off and pick up

In order to open for more children we have had to make many adjustments to meet the current DfE guidance. Part of this guidance is to have set pick up and drop of times for different groups to reduce the risk of transmission. 

I will also have less staff as each team member has their own 'group'. To do it any other way would impact on the integrity of these groups as the practitioner would have to leave it to bring a child to their parent.

Specific information about drop off and pick up timings is available in the additional information forms below.

How will information shared?

We hope that there should be some time for communicating with the team at the start and end of each day. At this point we can not send paperwork home so we will be sending observations via Learning Book to update you on information you need from that day.

Any accidents or incident forms will be sent via email (Nursery in a box). Please sign and send them back for our records to ensure we are meeting statutory requirements.

Unfortunately, we can not send home any of the children’s creations at this time. We will of course send pictures via Learning Book so you can see what we have been up to.

What will happen if the children are upset or hurt? How will you comfort them? 

There will be no two meter rule between children or practitioners and we certainly wont allow a child to be upset without a cuddle. 

Our babies will be cuddled off to sleep in their key person’s arms, our toddlers will be picked up when they fall and our pre-schoolers will show each other empathy and care if another child needs it. 

How will staff protect themselves? 

The team will not be wearing PPE as a rule unless changing nappies, wiping noses, feeding children (gloves and apron).

If a child becomes symptomatic we will then move them to a safe safe space and the team member with them will wear apron, mask, face shield and gloves. I have had some child and adult cloth masks and face shields made in for the children to explore during activity time. Our hope is that if they see a practitioner wearing it they wont be come worried or scared.

Layout of the nursery and changes to what they play with

Each room in the nursery has been divided in half so that we were able to reduce the group sizes. I have capped the number of children each room so that the children still have plenty of space to play and each side of the room has similar resources. Whilst we have removed some of the provision, we will be bringing out a lot more resources throughout the day. This is to manage the amount of cleaning that will take place after each use.

We have found ways to ensure we can still offer all of the activities the children would usually find continuously within the rooms. For example children will still have access to sand, water and malleable materials. This will be done by each child having a tray with their own portion of the above to explore.

We would also like for each child to have their own pencil case which could contain pencils, pens, felt tips, ruler or wax crayons. We have scissors, glue and other materials to add to them. This would save us wiping down 50 pencils etc a day!

Keeping active and outdoors

Our plan is for the children to be outside the majority of the day. We are very lucky to have 6 outdoor areas so that each group will have their own area for that day. Each one has shelter from the sun (Including 2 new event shelters) and we have bought in two portable toilets.

Grouping and contact tracing

The group sizes throughout the nursery slightly vary depending on the age of your child. Whilst each day your child will be within a small group, the majority of the children do not do all week which means the number of children they will cross-contact with throughout the week is slightly higher.

Current guidance suggests the maximum number in the ‘group’ should be 30 depending on the ages of the children, risk assessment and control measures in place.

Supporting the transition back to nursery

-Children so far have transitioned really well

We hope that by keeping in touch via the Youtube videos, tour of the nursery and sharing activities etc via Facebook and the home learning blog, your children will still feel connected to the nursery and excited to join us again

We’ve uploaded a film for each age group- so that they can do a walk through of how they will be coming into nursery and what the nursery now looks like.

I will be messaging you individually to let you know who your new key person will be.

If you are concerned about your child transitioning back into nursery please give me a call. 

What parents can do:

-Talk to your children about coming back to nursery- use the names of the practitioners they will be with and names of their friends

-Countdown to nursery by using a calendar to mark off the days until nursery

-Send us information about how they have been during lockdown- what they have been up to- has their routine changed- any changes to dietary requirements etc which can be added to your updated information form which will be sent via Nursery in a box. The ‘all about me’ (also sent) will help your new key person to plan activities which will support your child from their first day back in nursery.

-Encourage your child to spend small amounts of time away from their main care giver. Obviously we have to be very vigilant on the current government guidelines but should you have the ability to leave your child with a family member in your bubble for periods of time it will allow your little one to begin to feel comfortable with you not always being with them, but they will also recognise that you will always come back. 

-Share routine times with others. By allowing someone in your bubble to feed, change, settle to sleep and play with your little one will give them confidence that others can also meet their needs.

Please also remember to return you parental agreement.


Nursery Kit List 

Please remember:

-Indoor pumps or slippers to leave at nursery

-Apply (once a day) suncream before nursery- we have a supply of Nivia children to top up if needed

-A hat (to leave in nursery)

-If your child needs a dummy or comforter and you have a spare, please leave one in nursery

-For 2 years + a pencil case with pencils, felty tips, ruler etc (I will have a few to purchase)

-Spare clothes and plenty of spare pants (we will be disposing of soiled items to meet HSE guidance)  

Please ensure your child does not bring in any toys or books etc int to nursery for the time being.

I’m sure you will appreciate that to open for more children we have had to put a lot of safeguards and control measures in place. We were determined to ensure your children still receive the same care and nurture and experiences that are so important in their Early Years. 


If you have any further questions I can support you with, please feel free to drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.