Badgers Jet Sett – Airbus Broughton

Jet Sett holiday club is based on the Airbus site for the convenience of Airbus employees and the local community

The Holiday Club is aimed at youngsters up to 11 years (hopefully increasing to 14) and the goal is to replicate the kind of holidays we used to have with our parents with kids their own age, instead of being stuck indoors – trips to the beach to go crabbing, maybe growing some veggies in the garden, spending time climbing trees and making dens or preparing some treats in the kitchen.

We have the use of a huge space which has been planned to create a great play space with exciting challenges and resources for the children. This club is governed by the CSSIW and complies with regulation set out by the Welsh Authority. To view our most recent report please click here

For more information about our upcoming Jet Sett holiday club see below