Middle Room Staff

Nursery Nurse and SENCO

Kirsty has been a part of the nursery team for 13 years and is our settings SENCO. She is level 3 qualified and in her spare time she works as a support worker for a family with two children. Kirsty has recently gained an Advanced SEN qualification which has supported her in her role.

Nursery Nurse- Senior Team

Amy has been with our nursery for 7 years. She uses her scouting skills to run our outdoor 'Quackers Class' and also acts as a mentor to support team members in their professional development.

Nursery Nurse

Will has been with our team for over 3 years and has just qualified with his level 2 and is now completing his level 3. Will aka Captain Chambo is a keen Scouter like many of our team and has recently been seen on youtube with his #chamgo safety video...take a look!

Nursery Apprentice

Lily has been working with our nursery for over a year and is now completing her Apprenticeship whilst working in the middle room. She loves making a mess and exploring with the children.

Nursery Nurse

Gill has been a part of the nursery team for many years. She loves supporting the children in their progression on to the pre-school.

Nursery Nurse

Hazel has been a part of our team for over 12 years and is Level 3 qualified in Childcare. Hazel loves the outdoors and is a keen cyclist.