Children learn best when having fun

We understand how important the first five years of a child’s life are and we are committed to providing a safe and motivating environment in which your child can develop and grow at their own pace.

Our staff are there to support each stage of a childs development on their fun and stimulating journey to school life.

Because children learn best when having fun, we encourage them to learn through play which is a great way to gain access to the early year's childcare curriculum. To view a parents guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage please click here.

Each of our rooms are equipped with a widespread range of age appropriate toys to inspire learning, encourage creative play and to stimulate co-operation and discussion between the children as they play.

We believe in working with parents as partners, as we believe parents are their child's first and most endured educators. We maintain strong links with parents through our key person system and hold regular parents evenings, as well as being available throughout the day, to discuss any aspects of a child’s nursery experience.

For more information about how your key person will support your family please click here

Our team has recently developed our 'Team Vision'. This document brings together the aims of what we would like to achieve as a nursery team for you and your child. To see our vision please click here